The Samuel Moser Memorial Library

The Jewish Science Samuel Moser Memorial Library was named in loving memory of one of our most beloved and knowledgeable members, Samuel Moser.

During his lifetime, Mr. Moser accumulated many Judaica volumes and thus, also, a great store of Jewish knowledge. Samuel Moser also conducted services in New York City with Mrs. Lichtenstein, and in Old Bethpage, New York with Abraham Goldstein, including on the High Holy Days. He formed a Jewish Science Chapter in Chicago and was, along with his wife Anna, a vital part of Jewish Science for decades.

Upon his passing in the late 1960’s, Mr. Moser’s personal collection was contributed to Jewish Science, and a new library was formed in his memory. Since then, additional contributions of books have been made, bringing added reading and researching pleasure to the library’s visitors.

Recently, through the gracious contributions of Cassidy Cataloguing Services in Rockaway, New Jersey, President Joni Calfa Cassidy, with the aid of those in her company, catalogued and classified the collection, including the formation of a five section Book Catalogue. Thank’s to Joni’s efforts, The Samuel Moser Memorial Library is now open to Jewish Science Members. Its contents include the many wonderful lessons of Rabbi Morris and Tehilla Lichtenstein as voiced on cassette by our beloved Doris Friedman. There are also cassette copies of the glass LP recordings of Tehilla’s Radio Broadcasts during the 1940’s.

The Library may be accessed during office hours, via prior appointment, by Jewish Science members only. Please call us at 212-682-2626 to arrange for your visit.

We express our thanks to Joni Cassidy and her husband, Michael, for their enormous contribution in making this library possible. Joni’s family, going back to her grandparents, have been members of Jewish Science for over fifty years. We also thank Michael for placing our library’s storage in computer format, making this page and the following online public access catalogue possible.

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