Our monthly periodical, the JEWISH SCIENCE INTERPRETER, has been a source of inspiration and strength to thousands since its inception. It continues to inspire and share the wisdom of our beloved Founders in every issue.

The INTERPRETER teaches individuals how to interpret life in spiritual terms. The essays contained therein are timeless; you will find principles for living that will meet a particular need of your own, topics such as:

A Pattern For Successful Living, What Is The Soul, Divinity In Man, Those Who Are Lonely, How Does God Answer Your Prayers, You Can Get What You Go After, Eternal Life, How To Heal Yourself, How To Meet and Defeat Worry.

and countless others. These prolific writings are so insightful that one may read the essays 20 times over and find each time a new thought, a new principle that had escaped previous reading.

The INTERPRETER is also a great way to feel connected, more involved with what is happening at the Society. Included in our newsletter:

Announcements, Group Listing, Holidays and Special Events, Contributing Essays, Affirmations Biblical Readings, Daily Guidance and Reflections Book and Cassette Tape Listing

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“That brief hour or two that you are asked to give the affirmation of Communion with G-d becomes metamorphosed into nutriment for your Spirit, into rich nectar and ambrosia for your soul.”

Take one or two hours to read the INTERPRETER every month. It can change your life for the better!

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