Meditation, affirmation and visualization are the most important forms of personal prayer.

An affirmation is a prayer offered to G-d, or the Divine Mind, in affirmative terms. For example, when the Psalmist affirms to G-d, he does not say: “O Lord, be my shepherd,” he affirms: “The Lord is my shepherd.” He does not say: “O Lord, relieve me from want,” but rather, “I shall not want.” The psalmist affirms that which he desires. He does not recite his prayer in statements of misery, there is no enumeration of suffering nor statement of unhappiness.

Those of us who have difficulty in offering a visualized prayer will find the affirmation most effective because we may bring words to our assistance and offer our petition in the form of an affirmation. What the imagination is unable to see, the mind can affirm in words. This is not a mechanical recitation. This is a prayer offered to G-d with perfect faith, a faith that our prayer will be answered, and a profound awareness that we are continually receiving His goodness and benevolence. Declare your desires to G-d in your affirmation, and your prayer will always be fulfilled.

Let us give an example: health and cheer are the law of nature in man. Therefore, when we affirm for health and happiness we are not asking for something alien to our being, but rather a return to a state that G-d has implanted and intended for us from birth: a return to the law of nature in man. The affirmation is a tool to help us reach this goal.


On the Meditation Page, we spoke of the importance in preparing for prayer, that our mind must be attuned to the mood of the Divine Mind; that we must be free from all intensity and agitation, all bitterness, hate and anxiety. Complete relaxation is important; there can be no tension in our mind or body. And we also close our eyes to eliminate any visual distraction.

(See “Preparation” on the Meditation Page.)

When using the affirmative method of prayer, we repeat the affirmation slowly ten times in our mind over a period of about fifteen minutes. If you find any stray thoughts entering your mind, simply refocus on the affirmation and repeat your prayer with your lips, or even out loud, until your mind centers only on the words of the affirmation. We offer our affirmation with the knowledge that there is no other universal mind other than the Divine Mind, or G-d. He is our sustainer, our helper, our redeemer our supporter. He is the Creator of all, we are His and it is to Him that we turn for help.


Let us start with the two main Jewish Science Affirmations as they encompass a wide spectrum:

“The G-d Consciousness in me expresses itself in Health, in Calmness, in Peace, in Power and in Happiness.”

“I am calm and cheerful; I hate no one; I envy no one; there is no worry or fear in me; I trust in G-d all the time.”

Below, we have selected several affirmations and grouped them into categories to aid you in choosing an individual prayer for your special need. May we remind you, as mentioned on the Meditation Page, that an affirmation can also be of your own construction.

Select the heading that best describes your problem or need, and use this affirmative prayer as described above.

As with every prayer, optimistic influences and thought must be made to gain ascendancy in your mind.

“The Divine Mind in me expresses itself in happiness.”

“I am filled with Divine hope and cheer.”

Dire Straits
“The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”

In the face of enemies.
“The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear?”

“In peace will I lay me down and sleep.”
“The Divine Mind (G-d) is giving me rest and sleep; I rest in G-d.”
“I rest in the Divine Mind; G-d is putting me to sleep.”

“G-d is in me and with me all the time; therefore I have no fear.”
“I am filled with Divine courage, I fear nothing and no one.”
“The Divine Mind (G-d) is watching over me, He is protecting me; I have nothing to fear.”

“G-d is taking care of all my wants; I trust in Him with all my heart.”
“I trust a Power that I comprehend, though I cannot perceive Him face to face.”
“I see G-d’s works, therefore I trust Him.”
“The Divine Mind (G-d) is removing all the shadows from my being, saturating me with courage and cheer.”

“The Divine Consciousness in me expresses itself in calmness and peace.”

“The Divine Consciousness within me expresses itself in contentment.”
“The Divine Mind (G-d) is supplying me with all my needs; I am grateful for what I have.”

“The Divine Mind (G-d) is animating me with cheer.”

“I trust in G-d’s goodness; whatever He does is for the best.”

“I am filled with new life, with new light and with new hope; G-d will not forsake me.”

Negative Thoughts
“The Divine Mind (G-d) is recharging me with cheer, with hope and with self-confidence.”

“My ways are guided by the goodness of G-d; in the end everything will be for the best.”

Hatred and Bitterness
“I am expression of love, I am filled with love; I love everyone.”
The following affirmations focus on positive elements we
desire for our lives:

“The G-d consciousness in me expresses itself in calmness and peace.”

“The Divine Mind within me is revealing Himself in my consciousness, inspiring me with faith.”

“The Divine Mind within me is supplying me with an abundance of joy.”

“I am expressing Divine courage, my road is clear to every good and useful achievement.”

The following affirmations are for use in healing the body:

For the healing of a particular organ, your affirmation must declare that health is saturating it, obliterating all defection and suffering.

Weakness or Illness
“The Divine Mind (G-d) is filling me with perfect health and strength.”

“The Divine Mind (G-d) is removing the pain from my (name the organ or limb in suffering), He is restoring it to perfect health.”

“The stream of Divine Health is flowing into my heart, filling it with abundant health.”

Digestive Organs
“The stream of Divine Health is permeating my digestive organs, restoring me to perfect health.”

“The stream of Divine Health is filling up my lungs, restoring me to perfect health.”

For Other Organs:
For any organ you wish to recite an affirmation of healing for, name the affected organ in the affirmation, and declare that Divine Health is streaming into it removing all defection, saturating it and restoring it to perfect health.

“The stream of Divine Health is circulating in my limb, revitalizing it and restoring me to perfect health.”

Mrs. Lichtenstein, our beloved cofounder, would compare an affirmation to a resolution. In order for an affirmation to be effective its daily renewal is essential to its attainment. Clarity is very important, enthusiasm is very important. Mrs. Lichtenstein felt that, if necessary, write down exactly what you want to achieve and have this become the basis of your affirmation. Read it over, write it over each day. This will give you added power.

Well, by now you should have a handle on how to use affirmations. The Talmud says: “He who comes to be cleansed, is helped.” Which means, each of us who comes to G-d with sincerity and reverence and faith will be helped by Him. And no matter if your affirmation is one on this page, or one you have created, you will find the affirmation a positive experience in healing, an enrichment to your life and spiritual development.