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By Our Founders, Rabbi Morris and Tehilla Lichtenstein

By Tehilla Lichtenstein

These teachings pinpoint the best in Judaic learning. With section headings of “Self Realization,” “Human Relationships,” “Healing,” “Visualization” and others, each chapter is a lesson for the reader to apply to his or her everyday life. APPLIED JUDAISM explains in simple terms how to overcome negative elements and experiences, and live a joyful, optimistic and serene life. This is the premier volume of the author’s works since her passing.
ISBN 0-943745-08-X | Printed in Jerusalem, Israel; 605 Pages, Paperback

HOW TO LIVE – $10.00
By Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein

A very important work in self-healing, HOW TO LIVE will teach you how to face and conquer suffering, and how to triumph over adversity. “Living Life Over Again,” “How To Face Suffering,” “The Power Of An Ideal,” “Young At Seventy” and “Love In Marriage,” are just a few of the chapters found in this volume. This book was designed for the individual who has had difficulty in life, and desires a guide to show them the way to positive renewal.
ISBN 0-943745-02-0 | Printed in the U.S.A., 373 Pages, Hardcover

By Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein

This book is translated from the original Yiddish, “SEFER REFUATH HA-NEFESH.” It teaches how to pray when one is sick and how to conduct oneself in everyday life. “Anger,” “Envy,” “The Way of Petition,” “Eternal Life” and “Pain” are a sampling of this volume’s chapter titles. These are the subject matter of what we all deal with on an everyday basis. HEALING OF THE SOUL is simple in style and published in paperback; the perfect book for easy reading and understanding.
ISBN 0-943745-05-5 | Printed in Jerusalem, Israel; 75 Pages, Paperback

The Textbook of Jewish Science By Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein

This is a brilliant text, both in its wording and in its selection of excerpts from our traditional Jewish writings: the Tanach, the Talmud and others. It reveals the basis and method of Spiritual Healing, it teaches how to live, what to avoid and what to follow in our quest for health and happiness. This book is filled with affirmations and meditations, selected readings from the Sacred Scriptures, and a multitude of outstanding if not moving writings on understanding G-d, the human G-d relationship, and our role together in seeking the perfect life. This book of study will inspire you to return to its pages and guidance again and again.
ISBN 0-943745-00-4 | Printed in the U.S.A., 334 Pages, Hardcover

JOY OF LIFE – $10.00
By Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein

As the title suggests, this volume will add to the joy of life. It will prove of deep value to individuals who have encountered struggle and hardship, or who have met with failure in their family life, or who are lonely or generally unhappy in this world. JOY OF LIFE will show the reader how to conquer their difficulty, how to master their particular problem, and how to gain joy in life. “How To Face A Crisis,” “When Children Rebel,” “It Is Not Too Late,” “The Unknown Future,” and “The Power That Heals” are a sampling of the inspiring chapters in this book.
ISBN 0-943745-04-7 | Printed in the U.S.A., 342 Pages, Hardcover

PEACE OF MIND – $10.00
By Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein

As the title suggests, PEACE OF MIND is a treasure-trove of lessons aimed at bringing peace and harmony to all areas of daily living. Chapters such as “Patience,” “Breaking With The Past,” “The Will To Be Happy,” “The Power Of Prayer,” “Those Who Are Lonely” and many others direct the reader to understanding their life and the people in it, and give practical solutions on how to lead a happy, peaceful and faith-filled existence.
ISBN 0-943745-01-2 | Printed in the U.S.A., 358 Pages, Hardcover

JUDAISM – $10.00
By Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein

This book shows in clear terms the cardinal teachings of Judaism, its deeper essence, and how it may be made a powerful influence in daily life. “The God Conception,” “Ethics,” “Ceremonies,” “The Rabbi,” “The Home” are a sampling of the chapters to be explored. JUDAISM discusses our responsibilities, our attitude, our conduct as Jews, and what it is we have treasured for so many centuries, even in the face of antagonism and persecution.
ISBN 0-943745-03-9 | Printed in Jerusalem, Israel, 228 Pages, Hardcover


Relating to Spiritual Health and Healing

                       HEALING THE DISTRESSED – $10.00
By Rabbi Steven J. Kaplan

This book, a revised version of the original text by Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein: CURES FOR MINDS IN DISTRESS, discusses the psychological understanding, and Jewish Science (religious) approach as methods in the process of healing. The reader can explore chapters on “Anxiety and Phobias,” “Obsessions And Compulsions,” “The Depressed Person,” “The Mind-Body Connection,” “Insomnia,” “The Golden Years” and others whose challenges they relate to. HEALING THE DISTRESSED concerns itself primarily with mental and emotional ailments and their restoration to a healthy state in the individual. Rabbi Kaplan, who also has a background in Clinical Psychology, has done well in making a difficult, original text understandable, contemporary and readable.
ISBN 0-943745-03-9/Printed in the U.S.A., 222 Pages, Hardcover


The Life and Thought of Tehilla Lichtenstein – $2.50
By Rebecca Trachtenberg-Alpert

Paperback, 50 Pages


Jewish Science – Divine Healing in Judaism – $20.00
By Alfred Geiger Moses




Ambition Addiction: How to Go Slow, Give Thanks, and Discover Joy Within – $18.00
By Benjamin Shalva

Spiritual Cross-Training: Searching through Silence, Stretch, and Song – $18.00
By Benjamin Shalva


Worried Sick: Break Free From Chronic Worry to Achieve Mental & Physical Health $14.99
By Karol Ward

Worried Sick offers you the tools, information and support you need to reduce the impact of worry in your day to day life. Worried Sick shows you:

  • How and why we worry
  • How to get back your health in mind, body, and spirit
  • Learn and apply the three C’s to for a less worrisome life
  • How to use expert information from a variety of health professionals to regain control of your worry

Worried Sick is filled with information you can start using to reduce your worry today.

Find Your Inner Voice: Using Instinct and Intuition Through the Body-Mind Connection $14.99
By Karol Ward

Find Your Inner Voice shows you how to interpret your body’s signals so you can make better decisions about love, relationships, career and health. Find Your Inner Voice teaches you how to:

  • Access the power of the body-mind connection for decision-making
  • Recognize your own instinctive and intuitive signals
  • Develop your insight through specific how-to exercises.
  • Apply the information you receive to all aspects of your life.

Find Your Inner Voice shows you how you can start trusting your instinct and intuition again to make more fulfilling life choices.

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#001 – How Shall We Find God? How to Use the Imagination Constructively.

#002 – Peace of Mind. Various Prayers for Various Needs.

#003 – The Divine Law of Order. Believing is Seeing.

#004 – Mastering our nerves. The Jewish Science Way of Life. How to Attain it.

#005 – Prolonging the Span of Life. Stop Thinking About Yourself.

#006 – What Does God Say to Man. Do We Live Forever?

#007 – The Power That Heals. What Do We Wish For Most?

#008 – Gratitude. Controlling Your Nerves.

#009 – The Healthy Soul. Remedy for Despair.

#010 – Jewish Science in Judaism. Using & Abusing Your 5 Senses.

#011 – Man’s Kingdom. Healing is an Act of God.

#012 – God, Man and the Universe. How to Face Suffering.