About our Rabbi

Rabbi Frank Tamburello has been associated with the Society of Jewish Science since 2006. He was a student of religious science teachings years before becoming a member here. Frank came to the rabbinate as a second career, first being a teacher. He studied with Rabbi Joseph Gelberman of the Rabbinical Seminary International. Rabbi Gelberman was a colleague and friend of Rabbi Morris Lichtenstein, Co-Founder of Jewish Science, and often referred to Rabbi Lichtenstein’s writings in class. A voracious reader, Rabbi Frank very quickly became well versed in the history and teachings of applied Judaism, and his conversational style, and adept teaching skills made him a natural selection as spiritual leader here at the Center. Rabbi Frank, a prolific writer, has developed liturgy that incorporates both traditional Jewish elements together with the philosophy of Jewish Science. Recently, Immanuel Lichtenstein, son of our Co-Founders stated that not since his parents, has anyone embodied the true essence of Jewish Science the way Rabbi Frank does. Rabbi Tamburello is currently a board member of the International Federation of Rabbis.