Jewish Science has formulated ten fundamentals. These are not speculative creeds which every adherent of Jewish Science must accept, but are beliefs which those in Jewish Science attain through conviction and experience. They are not imposed, but are an outgrowth of a search for spiritual truth. The following is the declaration of the ideals by which we guide our lives each day:

1. The Jewish Faith is the only faith to which we adhere. Jewish Science is the application of the Jewish faith to the practices of life.

2. We believe wholeheartedly in the efficacy of prayer. We believe that no prayer, when properly offered, goes unanswered.

3. We shall endeavor every day of our lives to keep serene, to check all tendencies to violence and anger, to keep calm even in the face of unpleasant and discouraging circumstances.

4. We shall strive to be cheerful every day of our lives. The Talmud says that the Divine presence departs from one who is in gloom.

5. We shall seek to cultivate an attitude of love and goodwill toward everyone. We shall make no room in our heart for hatred or bitterness. The world was created on a plan of Divine love, and to give way to thoughts of hatred or malice is to violate the plan of G-d.

6. We shall cultivate a disposition of contentment, envying no one, and praising G-d for the good He has already bestowed upon us. Contentment is the greatest friend of happiness; envy its greatest enemy.

7. We shall make conscious effort to banish worry and fear from our lives. We regard these as our greatest enemies and give them no place in our consciousness.

8. We shall trust in G-d’s goodness in every circumstance of our life.

9. We believe that death is an elevation to eternal life, and not a cessation of existance.

10. We believe that G-d is the Source of Health and the Restorer of Health.

In these fundamentals, we in Jewish Science, profess our wholehearted belief in the efficacy of prayer; we acknowledge the duty of keeping serene and cheerful, of cherishing good-will and contentment, of banishing worry and fear; we declare our trust in G-d’s goodness and love; we profess our assurance of immortality because we have faith in G-d’s loving-kindness and the everlastingness of His creations.